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Continuous Innovations and Changing Trends in Automotive Industry

Posted on July 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

The global automotive industry is developing with increasing demand for new vehicles. Automotive parts are either Original Equipment or aftermarket parts. From last few years there was fluctuation in the growth of automotive industry. U.S., European and Asian markets are contributing to a large extent in the development of automotive industry. Due to globalization, the pressure on manufacturers, suppliers, and the dependent businesses has increased. The demand and preferences of customers are changing with improved technologies in automobile industries.

It’s a tough challenge for automobile industry to cope with ever-changing trends in the industry. Customers and manufactures are becoming more quality conscious. Market research reports determined new methods adopted by manufacturers for improving quality and productivity like assistance of computer design, production, and testing. Total Quality Management, Six-sigma, 5 S, Kaizen, just-in-time etc. Use of these techniques has increased durability of parts which results in less need for repairs. Globalization has increased the competition in market which increased cost pressures on producers. Many producers had cut-off prices by using advanced techniques of productions and offered quality products at low price to the customers. National focus on volatility and environmental movement has increased the pressure on automakers to opt for alternative energy resources like bio-fuels, hydrogen, etc. During the recession phase automotive industry had suffered a lot. The production and sales decreased with shift in trends. The number of automobile manufacturers is increasing every year.

In the present scenario the rates of internet savvy and techno savvy customers have increased. This in turn forced the global automobile industry to do technological innovations to survive in the market. Research reports have analyzed that in days to come the demand for hybrid vehicles may increase due to increase in fuel prices. Some growing trends in automotive industry are shift in demand from large vehicles to small vehicles and from high-consumption vehicles to fuel-efficient cars. New technologies were introduces in the industry like diesel hybrids, clean diesels, and hybrids, manufacturers became more customer centric. The challenges of automotive industry increased with emergence of globalization, new technology, change in customer demands and economic uncertainties. To overcome these challenges companies started investing more on research and development of existing technology.

This was done to modify engines and producing more fuel-efficient vehicles and machines so that customers can save cost of spending on fuel as well as to increase the sales, profitability and market share. Fuel efficient vehicles like power and battery vehicles came into existence with innovations in technology. Manufacturers adopted production techniques like mass production, lean production and craft production to get benefits if economies of cost and reduce cost of production per unit. Major innovations made by manufactures in product offerings were improved transmissions and engine modifications which improved the operation level of engines. Businesses have been making continuous changes in their production methods and technology in order to serve customer needs, meet customer expectations, improve productivity, increase sales, increase market share and in all to sustain in the market.

Direct Mail For the Automotive Industry and Car Dealerships

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There is a huge need for advertising in the automotive industry. In the US, the automotive sales generated a lot of income and automotive industry was a booming industry until recently when it was hit by the economic slowdown and rise in oil prices. Different car makers vied for market share that diminished as the tremendous purchasing power associated with the consumer market declined after the economic debacle. This set back increased the importance that advertising traditionally held in this business field.

Dealers on an average spent huge sums annually on advertisements, a tenth of which went into direct mail marketing. Direct mail marketing is an important marketing strategy adopted by auto dealers who look to retain existing customers by periodically offering them revised rates and discounted prices on spare parts as well as first choice on buying new models that arrive. They also seek to gain new customers by flashy advertising which is personalized enough to generate interest.

The good thing about cars is that people like looking at them and at pictures of them. If the car is beautiful, more often than not, you would find people staring at it and viewing its pictures in an automotive magazine with great interest. Including aesthetic pictures of new models of cars that are available for sale at the dealer’s showroom in the direct mails that are sent out, could result in increase traffic generation to the showroom. Those who are genuinely interested might pay a visit to take a look at the new models, lured in by the glossy pictures that were printed on the catalogues. It is wise to include the highest market prices for the cars. Including the prices that a particular dealership is ready to offer to a customer in order to highlight the economic advantages of doing business with them, is a great idea for boosting sales.

Direct mails can also include description and pictures of genuine spare parts of older models that might be useful to existing customers. Personalizing these direct mails that are sent to existing customers would result in awakening their brand loyalty and in enticing them to pay a visit to the dealer or recommending them to a friend.

The important factors to be considered while looking to market a dealership is to choose the right kind of mail list vendor. The dealer might already have a list of existing customers whom he would want to target. In addition to this, a list of individuals who might be interested in buying a car and who need to be targeted through direct mail marketing has to be made.

Since these new prospective customers are not aware of the dealership and its merits, it would be a good idea for the dealers to introduce themselves and personalize the whole thing. The direct mail could be an invite coupled with catalogues and brochures. The catalogues would contain competitive prices and pictures, while the brochures for new models would contain glossy pictures that look inviting as well as detailed feature description of the models that are available.

Managed Hosting in the Automotive Industry

Posted on July 7, 2019 in Uncategorized

Web hosting companies allow firms to access the internet using one of the many packages on offer. These include the provision of space for lease on one of their servers, provision of facilities for placement of a firm’s server (colocation) and provision of entire servers for lease by one firm (managed hosting).

While running one’s own server could seem more economical, a more critical look at it could reveal quite the opposite. Just reflect on how much work is involve in ensuring the optimal functioning of your server, its security and the host of other activities involved – considering this is not the main activity in your automotive firm. The resources necessary for all of that combined with the inconvenience you may undergo in training personnel for this department may just outweigh your investment in managed hosting.

When a firm employs the use of this particular service, it is not allowed full control over the server such that the service provider remains in charge of all manual facets of its control while the firm gets to remotely manage their data. The main advantages associated with it are: you do not share the server meaning less congestion and other inconveniences, you do not buy the server meaning that when it gets spoilt, it is not your responsibility to fix or replace it and that all the technical aspects of internet access are dealt with by professionals leaving you to focus on automotives.

The automotive industry has certain unique needs which the acquisition of this service could fully satisfy.

First, Marketing in this industry like in most others is best done online. For this reason, firms in that line of business need to be at their best in terms of connectivity. What happens when the firm’s server collapses and needs repair or replacement? Time is lost before such a firm becomes fully operational again and of course, this translates to lost income. With the hosting services though, replacement is immediate because such occurrences are part of their daily activities and they are adequately prepared to handle them.

Second, with the technological craze also having infected this industry, there is great need to have access to the latest developments in technological aspects relating to the automobile industry because everyone is looking for the vehicle that most implements this. What happens if you don’t is that you get stuck in the past and lose the interest of clientele. It is not possible to do this though if your IT department generally is not at its best and that is why this area needs unsurpassed attention from experts and the best way to get that is through hosting services.

Finally, your security against such things as cyber crime and loss of records due to system failure is heightened by their stringent security measures and data back up provisions.